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Greedy Ducks...
Two waddling ducks,
scavenging on the cold streets,
Their bellies engorged.
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 3 2
Stormy Sonata
Rain -- ever flowing.
An endless sheet of music.
Thunder-- a tenor.
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 8 2
Keep Moving...
The cold nips my skin
as I journey bundled up.
It will not stop me. 
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 5 0
In a World of Their Own
Rozabela keeps having dream about him.
A man she's never met, only knowing him in her dreams. Often seeking his council. Sometimes kissing him. Always sampling the feel of his skin.
But she doesn't know his warmth.
Fake. It's all fake, she tells herself. She wakes to mornings of empty longing.
Yet... it's all hers.
And there's a harpsichord. There's always a harpsichord.
Tomorrow night, the city of Glorinda will have its ruby jubilee. It's been celebrating all week long, citizens of other cities flocking to join.
Many years ago, Nature turned on civilization, sweeping the old order of things away. Countless lives lost. Governments collapsed. Countries encased in ice. Islands swallowed by the sea.
The outside world is broken.
But through the efforts and foresight of the Marquardt Foundation, life goes on. Grand city-states sprouted under its care, little pockets of society. Glorinda is the crowning jewel. As CEO, Papa Marquar
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 11 1
Just Another Day In Alpein
Blackburn Forest Park is abuzz with cops. The camera flashes against the victim's face. In a clearing, on the banks of Lake Ansley, the crime investigation unit were at work. The victim is hanging by his arms, which are spread wide like a bird and tied against thick branches. Two of them are up on ladders, tasked with removing the body from the willow tree. His shirt's open—the perp actually took the time to unbutton it—and he's been slit from navel to chest. By the agonized look on his face, he'd been alive to feel it.
Detective Verity Snell sips on a cheap cup of coffee, examining the murder scene from within. She smells a familiar stink, distinct from the body's waste. Her younger partner, a scruffy brunette named Brent Darnell, stoops down to change his perspective on the corpse.
The park keeper stands far off, turning his back on the scene.
“Our perp's a genuine sicko,” Snell comments. “And whoever they are, they've got qui
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 9 4
Can You Hear It?
He's alone.
He's ten years old again, and he's alone. He's looking for his mother. He wanders through a long corridor, doors on both sides.
“M-mum? Mum?”
His legs tremble at every step. He doesn't know how long he's been searching.
He can smell... it... in the distance. It stinks like burning incense and charred meat. He can hear its growling and snarling echoing in the hall.
Oh it's close. So very close.
A bell chimes, jingling to a melody. It's a small, quiet sound. And yet, it resonates so clearly to his ears.
The world is... empty. Dark and dull. A tinge of gray mixed into every shade and hue. A low, disembodied growl rumbles at his back. He goes rigid and turns around.
The wall of pure darkness is right in front of him. Consuming the path he has walked. Solid yet infinite. He swallows in terror. Something lurks in the darkness. That smell—that wonderful, awful smell
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 10 7
One With the Flowers by Fundelstein One With the Flowers :iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 9 0 Transience by Fundelstein Transience :iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 6 0
Requiem for a Chocolate Smores Donut
Have you ever had those moments in time where you don't believe that something could possibly exist?
I woke up this morning in the back of the car while my grandmother was working at the food bank at a local church. The car was getting hot, I was drinking barely cool water, I poked my head into the front seat to turn on the car and let down the windows... and lo and behold, there sat a box of donuts. Lovely, sweet, heart-stopping (almost literally so) rings of sugary goodness (some were jelly filled, I think, but that's beside the point). Some nice lady gave them to the volunteers as a gift. 
It had been sitting in the heat. The icing was being to melt just a bit. I was hungry. And there, sitting in the corner of the box was a chocolate smores donut. Yes, a chocolate donut... with chocolate icing and vanilla streaks... with marsh-mellows... and pieces of graham cracker. It was love at first sight.
There was a light hint of coffee flavor (or maybe
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 4 3
Cyber Black: Titans 7 - Chapter 12
Bait and Switch: Slipping Through the Cracks
The last thing Nemera wanted to hear was a lack of response from Team Four. One of the team members had shouted something about an unknown shooter, not the police, and then... silence.
Team Three was still on the move, but the odds were looking grim.
And now, the bug outbreak was commencing in Valonia.
Time was ticking. She needed to make the call... and fast.
Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket, and she glanced at the caller. Douglas Larkin. She swallowed, walked towards the side entrance, and took the call. Winston watched her as she went. Their eyes met briefly.
“What's going on?” Douglas demanded of her.
Nemera heard the door shut behind her and cleared her throat. “It's gone south.”
"Three out of four of our teams have been taken out. Two of them by an unidentified hacker. The third was attacked by an unknown shooter. We're assuming that they've been captured or…"
"We've been h
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 3 0
Dulce (at the cafe) by Fundelstein Dulce (at the cafe) :iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 10 1
Cyber Black: Titans 7 - Chapter 11
A Terrorist of Yours Is A Friend of Mine

Mel Fremont had no idea what was going on. He had been patrolling the area on his rented motorbike, and there was no sign of any bug outbreak. Not yet. And yet out of nowhere, a gray station wagon appeared on the street and pulled up alongside him. The front passenger rolled down her window and called him by name.
“Mister Fremont?” she called out. She winked and signaled for him to pull over.
“Blumstein?” He recognized her face. She was a key member in the Wilhelmina's weapons development program. He stopped the bike smoothly, and the car made a gentle brake turn in front of him. What was she doing in Valonia at a time like this?
Riko Blumstein popped her door open and swung out her shapely legs before hopping onto the street. She adjusted the thin framed glasses on her face and sighed tiredly. Contrasting the vehicle she road in, she wore a plain brown suit and a pair of black low heels. It struck h
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 3 0
Penelope Steele by Fundelstein Penelope Steele :iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 12 8
Mediocrity Soup
I watch people leap, 
into the great soup of life. 
Their dreams stay floating at the top, 
while they sink, 
to the bottom. 
Like vegetables.
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 9 2
Good Night, Sweet Tight by Fundelstein Good Night, Sweet Tight :iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 6 1




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There are two activities in this journal , please read <3

End date : 15, August 2018
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The first activity is a simple random prize

1st place : Custom theme adoptable with this scale ( the longest chibi scale I draw , and the right pic , the sun is my piece )

2nd place : Chibi Commission with the same scale
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500 Watchers Art Raffle! | OPENWhoops, I promised another art raffle last summer, but I never got around to doing it~ Better late than never, so I decided to host an art raffle to celebrate me recently hitting 500 watchers, and I'm doubling the amount of prize winners from 2 to 4! Thank you to everyone who has been watching me so far ;A; I appreciate the support~ I've been on dA for over three years now, and I'm excited to see how much more I can improve <3
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It's a wonderful, sweeping view of a lake (I like lakes). All of the details are crystal clear, even the surrounding trees. It's a typi...

by rrreese

At first the vision of this photograph seems simple: a nameless, rural farmer in possibly a third world country. However, when I realiz...


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